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Whether you want to supplement your income,
or make this your Home Business,
selling on eBay is the perfect work at home job
in 2011!

Almost every day, I get emails from other Moms who want to know what I do to be able to stay home with my children and earn a real income, or how they can start earning from home right now without having special skills or training, and without the risk of being scammed out of another hard-earned dollar.

I am a strong advocate of diversifying streams of income, and I practice what I preach. Besides being the owner/publisher of At-Home Works, I sell on eBay, and I love it!

Maybe selling on eBay and other online auctions is something you've never considered, but you've probably heard about "other people" who sell in online auctions, and earn a great living doing it.

I want you to understand one thing right now...those "other people" are, for the most part, regular people like me, who have figured out (mostly by trial and error) how to make eBay work for them.

Let me tell you this...I work less than 10 hours a week and
I'm averaging $1,000 a month income from my eBay sales alone!
But there are plenty of other Moms earning a lot more...
enough to make eBay the sole source of income for their family!

As far as I'm concerned, selling in online auctions like eBay is the #1 online opportunity that really levels the playing field, and allows everyone -- from Moms to large businesses -- the chance to reach millions of people!

There just aren't many valid home-based opportunities out there that allow you to:

WORK FROM HOME, and you can start today, right now, earning honest pay without the worry of being scammed, all from your home using your computer!
Sell on eBay on your own time schedule...they're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sell when you want to, go on vacation when you want to, because there isn't a b-o-s-s to tell you NO!
Sell as much or as little as you want! Set your own goals. My goal is about $250-$350 per week, maybe yours is higher or lower. But I cannot describe how sensational it feels to purchase items for your kids, or things you've been wanting or needing for a while, but just didn't have the extra cash, or take the family on vacation and pay for the entire trip using money that you earned doing one of the easiest things you can possibly do earn from your own home!
You don't have to worry about driving traffic to your site...eBay already has all the traffic you'll ever need! All you have to do is learn how to create your listings to make people want to bid on your item!
Selling on eBay is the perfect way to work at home for just about everyone: retirees, disabled, singles, couples, and college students.
It is fun, exciting, and something the entire family can be involved with, and you just can't say that for most home businesses. My pre-schoolers have a blast going to garage sales and resale shops with me. My husband is involved, too. It not only is contributing to our family income in a major way, but provides us with a fun activity that brings us closer together!
No drive to work, no babysitter or daycare for your children, no work clothes, no dress code, no dry cleaner, no set hours you have to work, no lunches to pack or buy, and on and on!

Let me tell you how I was introduced to eBay: Before we had our second baby, my husband bought an old 1959 Volvo, and scoured the Internet for parts to help him restore it. He ended up on eBay, and located some of the parts he'd been looking for. I got curious about what else I could find, and in a few moments, I got my answer...anything and everything!

Before long, I was selling things we had and didn't need anymore, and I discovered that checking our mail box each day, and finding payments for my auctions was very addicting. When I ran out of things to sell that I already had, I moved on to finding out where to buy things specifically to resell, and things have just snowballed since then.

Oh, and one more thing...I had to learn things the hard way...trial and error. Now, the "trial" part wasn't too bad; it was all of the "errors" that cost me time and money because I didn't have anyone to tell me the things that other experienced sellers already knew. I could have probably made a lot more money a lot faster if I'd known the things I know now.

I want to share with you the things I've learned, and help you get your business up and running. You don't have to waste time and profit because you just didn't know. The knowledge, resources, & tools are here! You could be diving into all of it in just a few moments, start running your first auction & be working@home before dinner!

Learn how to set it all up, whether you want to sell as a supplement or business, how to decide what to sell, how to locate items to sell, ways to make people want to bid on your items, the best and worst times to start and end your auctions, and how to make real income selling on eBay.

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eBay Seller's Toolkit
Included in this package:

Learn How to Sell on eBayMy eBook:
Work at Home: Be an Expert eBay Seller
Find out how people like me are earning thousands (or more!)
a month selling on eBay & learn what seasoned sellers already know,
and start working at home today! » Details

Plus These Bonus eBooks:
Work from Home: Selling on eBay
eBay™ Marketing
Work from Home: Selling on eBay
Wholesale Sources
Work from Home: Selling on eBay
UK Traders - UK Wholesale Guide

Don't waste another day wondering if YOU could earn an income
selling in online auctions! Don't waste another minute dreaming about
working at home & staying at home with your children!

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eBay Seller's Toolkit
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