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The United States Department of Labor states that Medical Transcription is one of the fastest-growing professions today, and ranks in the Top 5 positions for Work at Home Careers.

Many companies who offer online courses also offer job placement assistance.

If you are wondering if learning MT is for you, visit Work at Home: Medical Transcription for information on Medical Transcription training, education, courses online, supplies and equipment.

But for those who already have training and experience, there are increasing numbers of medical transcription job openings that allow you to work from your home office, and enjoy flexible hours.

In the past, the employee had to pick up the tapes from the office, and would be able to transcribe them at home, then had to drop them back at the office. This limited the home-based transcriptionist to living local to the office.

The Internet has dramatically changed the job front of this profession, and with Digital Transcription, it is possible now to transcribe for a company in another state from which you live.

This means that you are no longer bound to seeking MT at home jobs only in your immediate area, but can obtain and work a contract for someone hundreds of miles away, even across the country.

Due to this technology, tapes are being used less and less for transcription. With digital transcription, a digital transcriber is used instead of the microcassette that has been traditionally used in the past.

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