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If you constantly get compliments on your photography skills, and you love to take pictures, you could start your own home based photography business, and work at home.

You'll need to decide what type of photography service you will specialize in, or if you will be a versatile photographer and offer all types of photography services.

The main reason to have an idea what types of service you'll offer is because your equipment needs may differ depending upon the types of pictures you'll be taking: weddings, portraits, sports, etc.

Before you purchase equipment, check the zoning laws in your area to be certain there are no restrictions concerning people coming over to your house.

Write down all the equipment you'll need, and don't get carried away buying the best or most expensive. Buy what you need to get solid performance and get the job done.

There will always be a time for fancy upgrades later. For really expensive equipment needs, you could consider rentals.

You can either have your own darkroom, or contract with a local lab if you do not want to develop your photos yourself. You'll need to be certain that the lab you choose is reliable and produces high-quality work that you can depend on.

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