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With the instant nature of the Internet, many if not most employers will request job seekers to submit their resume via email. It's fast, and saves a ton of paperwork.

It also makes it much easier on the company when they are ready to search their resume bank for the job candidates they are going to consider for the job opening.

The easiest way to send your resume via email is by opening up your email program, creating a new email message with the employer's email address as the recipient, and including your resume as an attachment to the email.

Unfortunately, hackers and computer virus epidemics have made it nearly impossible for anyone to trust an attachment from anyone else these days. Most employers will not even open an attachment due to concerns of getting a computer virus. Even worse, the sender often has no idea they have a virus on their computer, and are sending it out with every message they create and send.

The other option is to send your resume in the body of an email message. It won't look as "pretty" as the one you created in MS Word perhaps, but it will meet the employer's requirement of "no attachments", and it will get your resume information to be included with those being considered for that job.

Sending your resume in the body of an email message is simple: just open up your resume (best if created using a plain text editor or Word), then create a new email message with the employer's email address as the recipient.

In the "Subject" line, you will type in the job title or reference number if specified in the job listing.

From your resume document, you will select "Edit", then select "Select All", then select "Copy". This will copy the entire contents of your resume document, which you will then paste into the blank email by maximizing the email window, then clicking in the body of that email (where you'd normally be typing your message). This will place your cursor in the email, and next you select "Edit", then "Paste". If you've followed those steps correctly, you should see a copy of your resume in the email pane.

Now you are ready to email your resume to companies with job openings...all you have to do is find the perfect potential job to apply for. Get information about pre-screened telecommute home-based job openings.
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